Floral designs continue to grow in popularity among female tattoo enthusiasts, who consider small flower tattoos to be the ultimate fashion accessory. Imagine having a really cool accessory that is always with you and you never have to remove, plus it looks absolutely amazing too! The beauty of this kind of tattoo is not just in the pretty design either as flowers are rich in symbolism so you can choose one that really means something personal to you.

One of the most widely requested images in recent years is the lotus flower and this has a long history of spiritual and religious connotations particularly in Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It is believed to symbolize spiritual awakening and many tattooists understand why this particular flower appeals to so many as it is emblematic of life, rising from the depths of darkness and transforming into beauty and light. Many of us who have struggled with adversity in our lives can relate to the lotus, having overcome darker times and emerged on the other side. Lotuses are also important in Japanese culture and many tattoos include this image alongside other oriental themed designs like the koi. Both these symbols are found together in nature, in the ponds at the front of Japanese temples.

You can find small flower tattoos in many different shapes, colors and styles although until quite recently these were tiny designs tucked away on a discrete part of the body. This is not the case any more as tattoos are now so common place in our modern society that we want to show them off and there is no longer any stigma for women who have a tattoo on display. In fact, those having their first tattoo may opt for a single small flower initially and gradually have it expanded into a design featuring multiple different flowers, adding to the original design as they choose. These can be done in numerous shapes and sizes using popular floral images like Hawaiian flowers. These may include the Hibiscus or orchid, in vibrant shades such as yellow, orange or red, however the traditional rose is still a favorite among many. Hawaiian floral designs can also be done in the tribal style, which looks particularly effective as a small tattoo on its own and is less feminine than some of the more colorful body art around.

Apart from the pretty design, floral tattoos are popular for other reasons as they are unlikely to look dated and will probably still be in trend decades down the line. Commonly requested areas for small flower tattoos include the foot or ankle bone but these can also look cute in almost any location. Another good thing about flower tattoos is that you can put your own mark on a design to make it unique or more individual to you. Many women customize an existing design in this way by adorning it with other images or words to make it their own. Chinese and Japanese cultures have also had a big influence on tattooing and cherry blossom is a very popular choice among many women opting for a floral tattoo. Not only does it look cute and is a pretty design but it symbolizes female power and the humanity of life as well as being a symbol of love.

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