There are many popular oriental themed tattoo designs; however one of the most widely sought in recent years has to be Japanese flower tattoos. Flowers can reflect a mood, personality and an affinity with nature but they are also highly symbolic and make beautiful pieces of body art. These are particularly popular in style of Japanese tribal art.

Floral designs in general are very feminine and are adored by women the world over. Many female celebrities in Hollywood all sport some form of flower tattoo in single or multiple images including Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears. It is quite possible that these high profile endorsements may have contributed to the rise in demand for Japanese flower tattoos.

Flowers can make a very strong impact not least because of their shape, scent and color but individual flowers have different meanings so their strong symbolism makes them a common choice for many women. There are many different floral images available from which to select the one that you prefer most and these include the lotus, hibiscus, lily, orchid, Hawaiian flowers as well as Japanese flower tattoos. These designs are guaranteed to make an impression as they look really stylish but are very feminine too. In years gone by, tattoos were only for the elite or rebellious among society such as rock stars, gang members and ex-cons but now they are very much common place.

From princesses to prom queens and sports icons to movie stars, they really can be found anywhere and everywhere. Flower tattoos are often the number one choice for anyone getting their first inking as they signify purity, innocence, passion and love, emotions that young women the world over can be sure to relate to.

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