When it comes to symbolic floral designs, after the omni-present rose, iris tattoos are among the most highly symbolized in the world of flowers. Not only is it the national emblem of France but it signifies esteemed friendship and is also connected to 25th wedding anniversaries.

According to Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow who transported female souls to the underworld and so this flower has connotations with death in this culture. Thanks to this close association with the dark side, Iris was delegated the role of messenger of the gods so this flower also signifies a message, particularly good news. The three petals of this distinctive shaped flower are believed to represent wisdom, faith and valor and iris tattoos are often chosen by those who have a high regard for these particular attributes. Women love floral tattoo designs as they look extremely pretty but are also rich in symbolism, as nature personified and a succinct representation of life’s cycles from birth to death, procreation to rebirth.

Around the world certain flowers have countless meanings that vary according to the beliefs of different cultures. The lotus flower has a strong spiritual significance in the East, and is the equivalent of the rose in the West but the chosen color for an individual’s tattoo design can also alter the meaning. Red is chosen to signify passion, or the blood of Christ in some cultures, while white represents innocence or purity however iris tattoos tend to be inked close to their natural shade in blue or purple.

It is perhaps this flower’s distinctive shape that makes it perfect for a tattoo design but this also has a lot to do with much if the symbolism behind the iris. As a result, iris tattoos are often seen as a symbol of womanhood, with its receptive cup-like shape and its inert role in the fertilization process. In fact, flowers in general speak a secret language that very few of us understand in the modern world. Throughout the ages in arts and literature, legend and mythology, the symbolism of flowers has always been there. Not only were they used to express emotional feelings such as love, joy and happiness but they were used in medicine by herbalists and chemists for healing purposes too as well as heartening the dying before they venture on their final journey.

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