One of the most popular designs in the tattooing industry today has to be floral images and while these were often more a female choice now flower tattoos for men are widely sought after too. There is nothing quite like a lotus flower tattoo on a manly arm or shoulder and it can greatly accentuate a guy’s overall look plus it shows a strong and confident personality too.

Floral tattoos are nothing new, in fact they have been around for centuries although the process in ancient times was much more painful due to the technique, which used sharp objects like fish bones to penetrate the skin! Therefore, it was only the very brave who could tolerate the pain and display this admirable body art.

Historically, it seems that tattooing originated in Hawaii and it grew in popularity across the world thanks to Captain James Cook who discovered the tradition of this tribal art form and shared globally. The Hawaiian islands have since become renowned as a haven of paradise, so having a tattoo became part of the island experience by the many visitors who flocked to this popular destination. Hawaiian flower tattoos for men are actually very manly, particularly when done in black ink in the tribal style.

However, tattoos are not just about aesthetics as for many the symbolism behind them is just as important as a method of expressing one’s inner feelings. Some for example may get a floral tattoo on an intimate part of the body with the name of their significant other next to it, as an expression of their eternal love and devotion. Be warned, though as this could prove problematic at a future date if the love affair does not actually last the distance!

These designs work well on almost any body part, although popular locations for flower tattoos for men may include the back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. These come is a multitude of sizes too that can be scaled to fit a large or small area. Some guys want a larger than life sized image while others may opt for a very tiny design that may be difficult to spot. At the end of the day, it is ultimately down to the individual’s preferred taste and style.

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