Tattooing is an art that have been practiced for thousands of years in the Pacific and Polynesian islands and in Hawaii this was used as a mark to distinguish different tribes and not as a form of personal expression like it is today. Back then, there were no tattoo needles or other equipment used to create this body art instead natives used items from bird beaks, claws to bone to produce this effect. These were often geometrical designs and symmetrical images of flowers and animals. In modern times, exotic flower tattoos are still very popular not just in Hawaii but all over the world.

Original Hawaiian tattoos, like many other tribal designs, could have many differing meanings subject to where it was placed. Facial tattoos were commonplace in many such cultures particularly on the forehead or cheek and many of these also had hidden meanings too. There are many locations that suit exotic flower tattoos today and these can be created as a single flower or several flowers incorporated in a winding vine and leaf design which looks great around the arm or ankle. The shoulder and hip are also commonly requested locations for this kind of flower tattoo.

These beautiful tropical flowers are often used by those who wish to pay homage to the magnificent Hawaii islands and are symbolic for those who enjoy an island lifestyle. Different kinds of flowers have different significance too so it is not difficult to find one that appeals to you both visually and symbolically, that accurately represents your personality and character traits. Therefore it is worth researching exotic flowers before choosing a design for your tattoo as you can familiarize yourself with the different meanings behind each before committing to having it inked on your skin.

Popularly requested flowers of this nature include the Plumeria which is a fragrant bloom representing hospitality, warmth and friendship. This is similar to the leis flowers that are presented on arrival to visitors to Hawaii. It is also associated with spring and has connotations of life and procreation also. Other popular choices include birds of paradise flowers, orchids and anthuriums which all have a very exotic look and distinctive shape. Some of these flora are endangered which add to their symbolism to themes like rare beauty or a love under threat. Orchids are elegant and beautiful flowers that signify luxury, love, strength and beauty which make them appeal to many.

Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower and is very popular as a tattoo design due to its vibrant colours and delicate beauty. These are predominantly found in yellow, however they come in a variety of other colours including red and white and multiple shades of purples and pinks. If you are looking at exotic flower tattoos that accurately portray Hawaiian culture and all that it stands for then this could be the design for you. This symbolizes the brevity of life as the petals in its blossoms are only open for a very short time so it is often used by those who want to seize the moment. While these colorful flowers look wonderful in a multitude of colored inks they can also look equally effective when they are created in silhouette form or just as an outline in bold black lines. These flowers also work well in combination with other related images like the dolphin to form part of a larger tattoo but can be equally effective as a stand alone image on their own.

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