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Daffodil Tattoo

Body art featuring images of flowers has always been a big favourite and not just because these floral designs make very beautiful tattoos but mainly because they are rich in symbolism ranging from love and rejection, protection to warnings and health or wealth. In general the meaning behind most flowers deals with real life issues that we all come across at some point such as love, death, birth, growth, unity and connection so it is not surprising that they have played such a significant part in the tattoo industry in recent years. However, there are many tattoo enthusiasts out there who simply like floral body art for its beauty and one of my personal favourites in this respect has to be the lowly daffodil tattoo. While not as popular as the traditional rose or lily design, nor as exotic as the orchid or hibiscus, this is a very beautiful and distinctive flower that can be transformed perfectly into a visually stunning body art design.

The daffodil is one of the first signs of spring being one of the earliest perennial blooms to appear after the cold, bleak winter season and it is therefore very appropriate that this trumpet-shaped flower should herald the start of warmer weather. There are a number of differing varieties that come in a number of shapes, sizes and colour schemes however all traditional daffodils have six petals and their predominant hue is yellow. This is significant in its symbolism as this colour is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and therefore speaks to us about: Radiance, Centrality, Vitality, Energy, Core issues, Life and even Community. Yellow is also a sun-associated color, which serves as a reminder of its life-giving attributes. The number of petals also plays a significant part in its symbolism as six is a number much associated with harmony and love. It has connotations with the goddess of love, Venus, who governed this particular number and its energy also conveys temperance, calm, truth and balance which are similar attributes associated with a daffodil tattoo. These flowers are also deemed to symbolize faith, truth, forgiveness, honesty and candor. As the ever-vigilant daffodil returns to brighten up the earth every spring despite the harshest of winters this also symbolizes the ability to overcome tribulations. In days gone by, these were often presented as a token of forgiveness or as an appreciation of honest so when used as body art they could also express a forgiving and honest nature.

As body art, a daffodil tattoo would be suitable for a number of different placements and could be scaled up or down to fit most body parts however like most floral images it is more popular with female tattoo enthusiasts on the whole. It is the birth flower for those born in March so if that refers to you then perhaps use this image along with your date of birth, or the name of a child born in this month to make it more individual and unique to you. In addition, the daffodil is the emblem of Wales and is worn on St David’s Day so it would also be an ideal choice for someone of Welsh heritage.