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Chrysanthemum Tattoo

In the world of tattooing there are a great many floral designs available but one of the most distinctive has to be the chrysanthemum tattoo. This vibrant flower with its distinctive petals and shape got its name from ancient Greece when the Greek’s combined their word for flower, anthemon, with the word for gold. In many countries around the world this particular flower is considered to be a symbol of perfection and it is one of the most cultivated flowers in the world. These are often referred to as the “Queen of the Fall Flowers” due to their predominantly autumnal colors. However, thanks to the care and skill of gardeners over the centuries these have been bred so they now come in a variety of differing shapes, sizes and colors including purple, pink, red and white.

The Chinese also revered this particular flower and their ancient name for the chrysanthemum was Chu. It was cultivated for both its beauty and its medicinal properties and for over two thousand years, it has been used in China for healing purposes as this herb was believed potent life enhancing powers. According to folklore the roots of this plant were boiled to produce a remedy for headaches, while its leaves could be brewed to make a festive drink and its petals or young sprouts where often eaten as part of a salad dish.  There is an old Chinese saying from an ancient philosopher who proclaimed that if one wanted to be happy for a lifetime, then one should grow Chrysanthemums. As body art, a chrysanthemum tattoo is a symbol of happiness but it is also the Taoist sign for perfection and simplicity. It also has strong connotations with Autumn, the season for this particular flower, which evokes images of completeness and tranquility, such as the abundance often found after a fruitful harvest. However although the chrysanthemum comes to life in the autumn it still blossoms into the winter months and thus signifies the capacity of mediating between heaven and earth, life and death.

In Japan, the chrysanthemum was known as their solar flower to the extent that the Imperial Japanese Family embraced it as their own emblem and it was incorporated for use as the Emperor’s official seal. It is thus depicted with a sun like centre with sixteen petals emanating like flames around it, with the  central focal point representing the Emperor’s status in the world around him. Such was the Japanese reverence for this particular bloom that the Emperor’s reign w as referred to as the Chrysanthemum Throne while the highest order of chivalry is known as the Imperial Order of the Chrysanthemum. These is also a Festival of Happiness Japan which is called, you guessed it, National Chrysanthemum Day. This image is widely used in Japanese tattooing practices and a chrysanthemum tattoo used in this context symbolizes joy and longevity.

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